Trial Period Extension - FAQ

We get mails from around the world saying...

"Dear Mystic Board, I installed MB Mystic Software but could not really try it for {so and so} reason. And before I realized the trial period was over. I really like MB Mystic Software and would try it out once more before I can decide / make up my mind if I want to keep it or not? Is there any way, I can extend the trial period of Mystic Software for a few more days? Regards, A MB Software User"

You asked for it and so by popular demand, we have put in place a special feature to extend your trial period by 15 days.

On the top right hand side of MB Mystic Software start up screen you will see the Trial Period Extension option. (see screen shot)

Q. How many days will my Mystic Software expire in?
A. All Mystic Softwares expire after a period of 30 days, starting from the day you have installed it. You need to register your software or extend their trial period to keep the MB Mystic Software working.

Q. Why should I use Trial Period Extension?
A. Trial Period Extension is an optional feature based on input from Mystic Software users. You can use this option to continue using the software for 15 days beyond the normal trial period without any obligation.

Q. What is the length of Trial Period Extension?
A. The trial period extension is for a period of 15 days, effectively you are getting a 45-days-no-obligation trial run of any and all MB Mystic Softwares.

Q. How can I extend the trial period of my MB Mystic Software?
A. You need to start your Mystic Software, in the start up screen you will see a Trial Period Extension option at the top right hand side (see screen shot).

Simply enter your name and email address in the space provided and click "Extend My Trial Period Now" button. Once you do this you will receive a Extended Trial Period Key in your email address you provided within a few minutes.

Q. How many times can I extend the Trial Period?
A. You can extend the trial period of all your Mystic Softwares only once per software you have installed.

Q. What is the difference between registering the software and Trial Period Extension?
A. If you register your software, you can use it with all features for a lifetime and without any limitations. Extending the trial period means that you get to use the software for 15 days more than the normal trial period.