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Register Your Mystic Software - FAQ

Registration of MB Mystic Software essentially means getting your unlock code to unlock and use your software without limitations. There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled in order for you to get an unlock code for the software.

Registration of Softwares = Getting Unlock Code for MB Mystic Software.

So how do I register and get an unlock code for my MB Mystic Software?
There are three ways to register and get an unlock code for your software:

Please Note: Filling the below form is required for internal records and to provide you with timely & priority support.
Please Note: You will get your Unlock Code within 4 to 72 hours of filling this form.

You can directly fill in the form below if you know the detail about getting unlock code.

Not to mention that we are always constantly looking out for more ways for you to register... making products easier to get.

OK so I am ready to register and get an unlock code for my MB Mystic Software - what next?

You need to choose one of the options given above ( Donate / TrialPay / Postware ).

The best way to get the registration right is to start your MB Mystic Software and click on one of the button / link on the right hand side of your software startup screen (see screen shot no. 1).

So let's say you want to Donate Money to register and get an unlock code for your software. On the right side (see screen shot) of MB Mystic Software startup screen you will see a "Donate" button. Just click on that and follow the steps one by one. It also mentions the donation amount required to register and get an unlock code your software. (see screen shot)

TrialPay and Postware work more or less the same way except that it is a little different than donate. See the TrialPay and Postware page for more details.

Of course if you have any problems or do not understand something please do not hesitate to drop us a line - Click here to contact us. {SEND TO FORM}

OK, so what are the details needed to register my software?

  • The Exact Name(s) of the Software – Exactly as shown within the software (see screen shot)
  • The Version Number of Software – Exactly as shown within the software (see screen shot)
  • Your “System ID” – System ID is an unique computer hardware finger print. ( Click here to know more about System ID ) <== This is a very important step in order to get an unlock code.
  • Your registration method ( Donate / TrialPay / Postware ) along with the receipts
  • Your name - as you want it registered in our database.
  • Your email address - as used by you during the registration process.

After you send us the above details it takes between 1 day to 7 days to send you your unlock code. In order for us to send the unlock code on time please send us all the above-mentioned details.

TrialPay Donate Money Postware

Q. What are MB Mystic Softwares?
A. MB Softwares is the world’s largest resource of mystic softwares with programs in over 40 esoteric categories. Be it astrology, psychic, tarot, numerology or occult, we have programs in all fields thus giving our users a wide choice depending on their interests. There are more than 500+ softwares listed on .

Q. What are the Advantages of Registering my software?

  • You get to use the software for life.
  • You will be entitled to software upgrades and updates for life.
  • A few options such as print and save are disabled in the unregistered versions. By registering you get to use all the features.
  • Removes other limitations within the software (in some cases)
  • Priority email support. (for priority support include your registration details)
  • By registering your MB Mystic software you are helping yourself... by helping us in further development, upgrading and maintaining the softwares. This ensures that you always have latest upgrades and updates of the software. When you register, it also helps the whole MB community at large.

Q. How do I register My Software?
A. There are three ways to register your software:

Q. How Do I Stop My Software From Expiring?
A. You need to make a donation to register and get an unlock code which will prevent your software from expiring. You can also choose to opt for a TrialPay offer or actively participate on the forum by posting.

Q. What happens after I have sent the Software Details?
A. We will then verify your’s Username or donation details or TrialPay details and send you the Unlock Code provided you have sent us all the correct info as mentioned above.

Q. Where do I enter the unlock code sent to me? (see sample screen shot)
A. Once you receive the unlock code, enter it in the software unlock code screen to complete registration. It takes between 1 day to 7 days to send you your unlock code.

If you want to register and get a your Software unlock code PLEASE READ the above CAREFULLY. All instructions have been provided in a simple to understand format.

** MB MYSTIC SOFTWARE REGISTRATION IN A NUTSHELL -- THREE SUPER EASY STEPS ** 3 Simple Steps to Register and Get your Unlock Code

  • Decide on the method by which you would like to register the software – ( Donate / TrialPay / Postware ) - start the software and click the button / link which can be found on the right side.
  • After making the required number of posts or money donation or trialpay offer send the details as explained above. Click here to send details.
  • We will review your details and you will be sent an Unlock Code that you can enter in the software and complete the registration / unlock process.
TrialPay Donate Money Postware

Q. As a registered user of the software, can I regenerate the software reports?
You can print and save the the reports for personal use. Under the current license terms as mentioned in our Terms And Conditions (TOS), licenses are only for personal use on one PC and not for commercial use. You cannot regenerate reports and sell them to clients or customers. You shall be in violation of Mystic Board's copyright and intellectual property (IP) rights by republishing the contents generated by any and all services of including forum, software and scripts.

Q. Will I get duplicate unlock code incase I lose the one you sent?

You see my dad once told me... "locks and keys were invented by honest people for honest people. So if a person is honest and sees that your house is locked he will turn away and come back later when you are around. But will the thief do the same... I think NOT. The the lock and key really doesn't make a difference to the thief because he knows his way around it... which is why, we honest people call thieves, thieves."

We use "System ID" of your machine to generate unlock codes. Each System ID is unique hence each "Unlock Code" is unique. Which also means that one unlock code will unlock only one software on one PC. This helps us keep fraud at an arm's length - well, most of the time.

For people who donated or used the postware method to get unlock codes:
You can get one extra unlock code if you can show/have valid cause. This is to safe guard our community from being exploited by frauds and scammsters. Yes! you will be surprised at how many people out there are waiting like hungry wolves to steal anything and everything they can. Which is why we ask for valid proof before issuing dupliate unlock code. And even then we will under NO circumstance issue more than 2 unlock codes in a calendar year.

For people who get unlock code by TrialPay
A. If you registered and got the unlock code by taking a TrialPay offer we cannot offer you a duplicate key because of the nature of this offer (i.e. very very low paying) we will not issue duplicate unlock code for any reason whatsoever. If you need another unlock code you will either have to donate the specified amount on the software web page or take another TrialPay offer.

At any time if you have any query, feel free to write to us.

Please note: It takes between 1 day to 7 days to send your unlock code. So please be patient. If you do not get your unlock code within 7 days please write to us again or post your problem on the forum. Sometimes mails go into the spam folder and we miss it. To ensure you get emails from please add the following email address to your email white list.

TrialPay Donate Money Postware
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