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Register On Mystic Board Forum - FAQ

Registration on the forum means that you want to become a part of the large Internet community of like-minded people so that you can participate in the various discussions on the forum.

OK, I get the idea but where do I go to register myself ==> Click Here Register yourself on Mystic Board Forum

No sorry, I meant to register and get unlock ocde for my MB Mystic Softwares where do I go? No problem, Click here for full details on Registering / getting Unlock Code for your MB Mystic Software

I am ready and want to start participating but why do I need to register / join the Mystic Board Forum?
In a nut shell - there are a lot of privileges that go with the registration, such as ==> Get access to PM (Private Message), being able to post your own discussion, to get in direct touch with other members, to help and get help from others. Plus there are many more reasons...

  • Free registration.
  • Friendly, fun, & open environment.
  • Share, learn, & make friends all at the same time.
  • Professional exchange of ideas.
  • Common ground to meet like minded experts.
  • An opportunity to meet & talk to people from all walks of life.
  • Have thought provoking Discussions with Experts & Amateurs.
  • Sharpen your skills by practice & expert guidance. Gain from expert advice.
  • And much much more...

Once you have registered you can login and start posting and participating immediately.

Are you having problems registering on the forum?

Q. I do not know where to register.
A. To register on the forum ==> Click Here & Register Yourself On Mystic Board Forum

Q. I do not know where to input my personal details.
A. Once you open the forum Registration Page, just scroll down to input your details. This process should take you less than a minute or two. Your personal data is not revealed to anyone at any cost. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Q. I do not wish to disclose my real age or name.
A. You can choose an anonymous screen name for such a purpose. However, input of right age and name is mandatory. Please remember, your personal data is not revealed to anyone at any cost ( refer to our Privacy Policy). Input of wrong data may result in a ban.

Q. I am unable to login inspite of giving the correct details.
A. You can try clearing the cache and cookies in your browser and then try to login again. If that doesn't work for you click here to request new password. Please remember for security and privacy reasons, we will not give login / password details to any one untill all the details as per the registration details can be verified. So be sure to give your correct details so we can verify the same and send you a new password.

Q. I wish to change my username.
A. Please contact the Admin Click Here (feedback page url). Again we need your details, your exact and correct details as per the registration details.

Q. How do I know more about using the forum?
A. Click here for FAQ on using the Mystic Board forum

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