Reading & Healing Requests

There are dedicated sections for all kinds of readings, such as, Astrology, Tarot, Psychic, Palmistry, Dreams, Numerology and many other types of readings and healings on the Mystic Board forum.

We often get requests for personal readings and healings. We would so dearly love to help... which is why we built Forum to start with. But the truth be told we are not readers, we are are like most of you people out there. This whole website was started with the intention of helping and getting together like-minded people to help each other.

All readings are FREE and done by voluntary readers and healers. And like all voluntary work the readers and healers on decide whom they want to read for at their own discretion. Sometimes your reading requests are answered immediately,on the other hand it may take forever to get a reply. Like we said this is voluntary help. So we should consider ourselves lucky that these generous readers and healers are willing to come forward and help.

Please follow the rules of the forum where you are requesting a reading to get a positive response. Do not spam the forums with requests for readings. Spamming may get you suspended or banned from the forum.

Please post specific reading and healing requests in its respective forum. For example if you want a Psychic reading it should go to the psychic reading forum ==> or say if you want a tarot reading it should go to the tarot reading forum ==>

Remember all reading and healing requests should be in its respective forum. Go directly to and look for the right forum to post your reading request.

    The fine print:
  • cannot guarantee or be responsible for the accuracy of these readings, the thoughts and opnions expressed are solely of the member who made the post or gave the reading.
  • Recommendations in any shape, size or form should be carefully evaluated by the seeker and accepting any and all recommendations resulting from any Reading given on, is the sole responsibility of the person who asked for the readings.
  • MYSTIC BOARD does not necessarily agree with the contents of the reading forums, and in no way shape or form will be held legally or otherwise responsible for the written or visual contents of the Reading Forums.