Lost Mystic Software Unlock Code - FAQ

In case of Mystic Softwares, Unlock codes is your registration password to unlock The Mystic Software for use without limitation.

Please read Mystic Software registration policy.

An unlock code is unique to each PC and each Mystic Software. We use "System ID" of your machine to generate unlock codes. Each System ID is unique hence each "Unlock Code" is unique. Which also means that one unlock code will unlock only one Mystic Software on one PC. This helps us keep fraud at arms length - well, most of the time. Please read Mystic Software registration policy.

If you have lost the unlock code please send us the following details:

  • Reason why you are requesting a duplicate unlock code.
  • Software Name
  • Software Version Number
  • Your Name as registered with us
  • Your Email Address as registered with us (i.e. used during registration)
  • Donation Details ( d / t / p )
  • Donation Transaction Date
  • Donation Transaction ID Details
  • Date when Original Unlock Code was sent

Please Note: Read Mystic Software registration policy.