Fully Branded Mystic Software & Scripts

Fully Branded Option For Your Site

Why Fully Brand A Mystic Board Software?

First and foremost, a fully branded copy of any Mystic Board software gives you the option to customize over twenty features. It also gives you an opportunity to start making money online or is a low cost way to drive thousands of visitors to your site quickly. Read on and we will show you how.

Mystic Board is already a well known destination for everything Mystic. Mystic Board for the first time in Internet history started a free program for small webmasters and site owners to win surfer loyalty by starting a co-branding program. MysticBoard.com's Unique Branding Technology & Concept has helped dozens of webmasters get higher traffic and more revenues (as we will show below).

If you have been thinking of making extra money online, then Mystic Board’s softwares are for you. These products give you the flexibility to own and run your own program as you see fit. It is also easy to manage, it takes very little time leaving you time to do more important things and still make money or think of ideas to get more traffic.

You can choose to have the software customized completely to your requirements. Features such as software name, site url, logo, icon, add images, nag screen, help url, download / update url, about software screen, donate option, change captions, change color, change fonts, print option, save option and many many more features can be changed ( see below for full list) including making it a pay and use software.

After buying a fully branded copy, you can get them listed in hundreds of download websites like Download.com and you will start seeing an immediate inflow of visitors to your site. This is like a non-stop flow of low cost and inexpensive yet highly targeted traffic to your site. Normally, you would pay over 50 cents to one dollar per click to advertise on Google. This in itself makes it worth its weight in gold. Clue... Clue... How do you think thousands of visitors find their way to Mystic Board?

The First Ever Fully Branded Product in the mystic category that you as a webmaster / site-owner can own. Buy one copy of any of our softwares customized with your chosen name, logo, et al. And you in turn can sell as many copies of it as you want. NO HIDDEN FEE!! You can also fix your own price for the software.

Sell as little as 20 copies, after which all the profits are yours and yours alone.

Let’s do some simple math
For example, your cost is $ 300.00 to purchase a MB Software
You sell at $ 15 per copy, and then you break even after selling as little as 20 copies after which every copy you sell is pure profit.

List of Features that can be customized:

Software Name – Any name of your choice on and within the software e.g. MB Free Numerology Software can be renamed to Yahoo! Numerology Software.
Site URL – All URLs within the software leading to Mystic Board can be changed to your specified URLs e.g. www.mysticboard.com can be changed to www.yahoo.com .
Logo – The image within the software.
Icon – The image that will be placed on your Desktop.
Add Images – Any other images that can be added / removed from within the software.
Nag Screen – The start and end screen can be kept or removed.
Help URL – This URL leads to the Software Help files. This can be changed as per your specifications.
Download / Update URL - This URL leads to the download page by default also used for update. This can be changed as per your specifications.
About Software Screen – A small description about yourself, your site and the software can be put in here.
Donate Option – This can be kept / removed as per your specifications.
Change Captions – Captions within the software can be changed to suit your needs.
Change Color – The software color can be changed from the current color scheme.
Change Fonts – All Fonts related formatting can be changed.
Print Option – This option can be enabled / disabled / removed.
Save Option - This option can be enabled / disabled / removed.

Registration Options:

• Can Be Turned Into A Paid Software –
The software can be turned into a try and buy software like www.MasterNumerology.com.
It can also be turned into a pay and use software like the ones that can be found on www.SpiritedLove.com.

Do some simple math for example your cost is $ 300.00 to purchase a MB Software. If you sell at $ 15 per copy, and then you break even after selling as little as 20 copies after which every copy you sell is pure profit.

• Can be kept as a Freeware / Donationware - like Mystic Board’s exhaustive software resource.

Depending on the above, you have the below registration options:

• • • Register URL - This URL leads to the registration page. This can be changed as per your specifications.
• • • Registration Duration – Number of days a person can use the software before registration is required.
• • • Unlock Code – A unique software unlocking number will be given.
• • • Unique System Id – A unique software identity will be given.

You can also avail extra customization service for a nominal $75 per hour of programming. We can also provide support to your users at an extra cost. All bug fixes are free (based on current market OS available). Upgrades are free for a period of 6 months.

All funds from above will go to the development and updates of the above softwares and development of new ones.

We will offer discounts on multiple purchase.

Contact Swetha at swetha@mysticboard.com for pricing and other details or if you have any questions regarding this offer.