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Co-Brand Option For Your Site

“Co-Brand” Option:

Our special “co-branding” option for softwares allows you to integrate our softwares with your site.

  • The software is customized with your Site’s Name & links prominently displayed as distribution agents.

  • This will not only increase loyalty & traffic to your site, but will also permanently and firmly position your site on the users desktop and minds – an advantage you cannot buy for any amount of money.

  • Software support is also guaranteed. You do not have to worry about providing support hence you do not have to spend time or money on it.

  • This service costs only $20 per software and there are no strings attached.

Depending upon the number of visitors you have, you choose to have us, brand one or more of our softwares.

Please send donation via of $20 per software you want co-branded to . Then read on below...

In order to co-brand a software you have to furnish us with the following details:

  • Name of site

  • Link to the site

  • Approx number of visitors to the site (monthly)

  • Name of Mystic Software(s) you would like to have co-branded.

  • Short Description (150 - 200 characters) of your site.

Once we have the above details we will proactively work with you to ensure that you get the softwares in the least of amount of time possible. We will also be willing to work with you to explore other ideas, partnership ventures for our mutual benefit. So drop us a line and join the board. 

Contact Us With The Above Details Now

Feel free to discuss any questions you have by visiting our co-branding discussion thread.

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