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Mystic Board is currently the fastest growing New Age discussion forum on the Internet - with an estimated 40% month-on-month growth since July 2006. Mystic Board was started in 2004 as and was rechristened to in April 2006.

Mystic Board community contains over 250,000 posts and has over 40,000 active members. Mystic Board is built on solid professional grounds having the most targeted new age enthusiasts in the industry. Mystic Board has a huge resource on everything Mystic. Its wealth of information can be measured in its length and breath of the topic and feedback for those seeking information on new age topics.

Our Site features the world's largest collection of new age softwares ( mystic softwares ) ranging from tarot learning & tarot reading to numerology to psychic softwares. Our site also provides a vibrant marketplace for new age products.

If you're looking to reach a wide range of new age enthusiasts - from readers to people wanting readings, there's no better place than

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