Mystic Board Help Site

Welcome to the all new Mystic Board's help site.

In this part of the site we will try to explain everything about how Mystic Board works in as many details as possible. This will be an ongoing process... with new stuff being added to make your life easier. OK we'll be honest this will make our life equally easier.

We hope that this help site will answer a lot of your questions upfront. We also hope to cut down the turnaround time to resolve your issues.

Mystic Board has FIVE major sections.

  • Mystic Board Online Mystic Board Discussion Forum

  • Mystic Softwares The World's largest downloadable Mystic Software library

  • Mystic Scripts The World's largest online Mystic Scripts library

  • WebMasters section - This is intended to be a comprehensive resource for webmasters and is still a work in progess. This section as in-so-far has not been clearly defined until now.

  • And the fifth being the HELP SITE itself.

A foot note: The Help & WebMasters sections are a work in progress and it may be sometime before we can complete it fully. But of course we must also remember that these topics can never be complete per se.